• Astrid Verhoef

Astrid Verhoef (Amsterdam, 1973) studied photography at the Utrecht School of the Arts and has been working as a photographer and artist since 1998. She is also active as a curator and organizer. Her staged photography has received international acclaim and has been shown at exhibitions in Amsterdam, Leiden, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. The series ‘Inscapes’ and 'Human//Nature are ongoing projects and are now being presented in the Netherlands and the USA.

Growing up in the city has led Dutch photographer Astrid Verhoef to investigate and question her connection to nature. In modern day urban life the difference between being connected and feeling connected has become an interesting distinction, especially in a world where the reliance on social technology is growing. Is there a growing gap between our digital self-image and our analogue identities? This poses an interesting challenge, not only in the depth of connection to other people, but possibly even more in our connection to the natural world and to oneself.

For ‘Inscapes’ and her new series 'Human//Nature' Astrid travelled to secluded landscapes around the world to investigate her place in the natural world. See this video (before covid) of her commissioned work for the artist Hebe Tien.