• Judith Walland

During my early work in ceramics I learned a great deal about design, materials and decoration techniques. Clay offered me the opportunity to develop my ‘form language’ and to make my hands understand what I wanted and felt.

After working on portraits for some time the emphasis gradually shifted to sculptures with the human body as a source of inspiration, together with the work of Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Constantin Brancusi.

The essence of my work lies in the interaction between light and convex-concave shapes.
As I work on these objects lines appear. Do they divide or actually connect all shapes, that’s the question which always intrigues me.

From childhood onwards I have always been fascinated by arts and crafts and in particular by sculptures. In my work I have been involved in organising art projects, art exhibitions and art education. It took years before I found the time and inspiration to start working on my own projects.