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Koster Fine Art Gallery stands for great photo art. We offer high-end quality works online and in our gallery in 'Het Arsenaal' in Naarden-Vesting. It is possible to pick up your purchase at our gallery or you can have it shipped. Wrapping and shipping is also done with ultimate care, first the artwork is wrapped in bubble wrap with foam corners and finaly put in a tailor made box to fit the artwork perfectly.

The appearance and colour of the photographs can change and fade. To ensure you keep enjoying our works of art, you should not expose photographs, laminations or frames, either in part or in full, to direct sunlight, hang them directly above heating appliances or expose them to a higher level of humidity than expected in a normal living room. Photographs, laminations and frames are not suitable for external areas, cellars, bathrooms or kitchens. Laminations with UV protective film or acrylic glass and wooden frames are very sensitive to scratches and dirt and should therefore only be handled with gloves or equivalent protection.

Our product collection is devided in two collections MASTERS and TALENTS.

The photographic MASTERS are internationally known and are represented by my gallery for many years and are proven high end professionals. Their artworks are available as limited editions only and are often collector items. Delicately framed with museumglass you can enjoy their work on the groundfloor in combination with high end furniture and design. Price range €€€ - €€€€€.

The artworks of our photographic TALENTS are available in larger or sometimes open editions. Photographic talents are less known, upcoming and relatively new in the gallery. Their artworks can be seen in our gallery at the second floor. Price range € - €€€. Available in 3 different ways of printing and framing. As a Print Only or as UV Print on 5 mm PET-G (no frame) or on UV Print on 5 mm PET-G with a floating frame.

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Our 'Print Only' product is printed to your wishes at the highest quality level possible on Hahnemuhle Fine Art RAG Baryta photopaper and when ready, shipped to you in a heavy duty shipping tube. Your purchased photographic artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is signed and numbered ( only 'Open Editions' are not numbered ) by the artist.


Our UV print on 5 mm PETG is a cristal clear image on recyclable high-gloss material. It is UV resistant which keeps the colors from changing and fading as much as possible. Although UV resistant materials and printing ink are used, we don't recommend to expose photographs, laminations or frames, either in part or in full, to direct sunlight.

A floating frame is a wooden frame with no glass and is when ordered by you installed around the 5 mm thick image and looks like as if the image is floating in the frame.

On the back of the UV prints (framed and not framed) are mounted or an adhesive hanging plate or an u-profile (gallery frame) for hanging the artwork.

U - profile hanging system
Adhesive hanging plate
Shipment Print Only
UV print on 5 mm PET-G
Framed UV print
Casing made to size