Solo expositie Astrid Verhoef in Atelier K84, Amsterdam van 6 april t/m 11 mei
  • Alexandra Brand

Alexandra Brand (1969) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands, in 1998 in the graduation photography. She creates still lifes with sober colours in sets and landscapes. In her work natural and artificial elements interact and reflect the beauty of everyday life. The unexpected combinations and compositions in Brand’s work are like a musical piece and show her need to compose a new reality in which existing elements get a new form by interacting with each other. She uses her refined sense of colour and attention to detail to create dreamlike and mysterious images.

Transitory Still Life
In these series, the photographer looks for the transitory in daily life. Unexpected combinations, partly natural and partly artificial, create a new reality. Attention is paid to detail, textures, materials and colour combinations. The photographer escapes in a dreamy still life with a magical stillness.